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Pipedrive Review: SaaS Meets Sales Meets Social Meets Sexy

A new sales management and CRM tool that features a user-friendly sales pipeline

Our latest product review is of Pipedrive, a new sales management and CRM tool that features a user-friendly sales pipeline, extensive customization options, embedded Facebook-like features, and easy collaboration amongst team members. With sales at the spine of every business, new solutions like Pipedrive face stiff competition in the marketplace. What makes it better (or worse) than the rest?

What’s Better?

There are several great features of Pipedrive. Below are a few.

Pipeline Sales View
Pipedrive gives a very straightforward, clean view of your sales cycle. You are able to customize the different stages of the sales pipeline to fit your business, and each stage is laid out plain and clear in the “Pipeline” page of your account. On this page you can move a deal from one stage to the next, log calls and communications associated with every stage, and include any other details you want in the deal.

Social functions
You are able to “like” certain products, “follow” deals, and remain connected with any/all other members of your sales team through Pipedrive’s social integrations. Pipedrive isn’t the first provider to pay lip service to features drawn from social media (think Twitter and Facebook), but they’re the first we’ve seen that get it right. We *like* that (get it?).

Track individual deals, team members, products, revenue, and more in the Statistics page of Pipedrive. All your important metrics are automatically updated in this page once you win or lose a deal, update a deal’s status, or take any other action in the sales cycle. Managers can easily track the productivity of a sales rep or specific product; no nifty Excel work needed here.

What’s Worse?

No Native Integrations
Since this is a young product, it lacks the integrations its competitors have. GMail is a big exception, but the lack of integrations with any accounting, invoicing, helpdesk, or other CRM solutions definitely disadvantages it against other SaaS sales tools. Integrations do take time, though, and this is a relatively new product; expect Pipedrive to be fully integrated in the future.

Pipedrive is a sales tool and it’s aimed (primarily) at folks making predictable, milestone based sales. That’s fine, but it means there’s an inherent inflexibility in how Pipedrive handles, well, everything. For example, once an activity in a deal is completed,  you’re immediately asked to schedule the next activity for that deal – but what if the user doesn’t want to address that yet? What if they’re taking a call, or dealing with a different sale? Compare this with how other CRMs in the same space deal with the problem (see Capsule’s “tracks”, or Solve360 activity templates) and Pipedrive’s youth shows through.

Mobile Functionality
There is currently no native mobile application available for Pipedrive, which is imperative for on-the-go sales businesses. Inherent in sales is not sitting in front of a computer, so a sales CRM needs to have full mobile functionality to meet the needs of today’s sales representatives. Pipedrive’s youth again likely prohibits this currently, but expect their mobile app to be available soon; for now, though, without mobile capability it falls short of its competitors.


Pipedrive is on the right track but we remain unconvinced that it’s up to par with the more established sales automation CRMs. The interface is fresh and convenient for a sales team but some important features are missing. That said, if you are a small sales team looking for pipeline sales functionality, the free trial is worth a shot: there will be some aspects of Pipedrive that you will find incredibly useful and innovative. At VM we like to try everything at least once and Pipedrive is definitely worth the demo. Keep them in mind and/or give it a drive! Get it?

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