Thoughts on what businesses actually need from the Cloud, not what vendors wish they needed.

Chris Bliss

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submit_url = "http://www.vm-associates.com/2010/10/10/rightsignature-reviewed-esignature/"; There are more visible SaaS offerings, but e-signature services are fast becoming a cornerstone of cloud-based business. It makes sense – why print and sign paper documents when everything else is done online? Plenty of companies are asking that question, and it shows: EchoSign, an e-signature industry leader, reported growth of 216% between Q2 ‘09 and Q2 ‘10. Not bad for a company named for a dolphin. RightSignature is a relative newcomer to the e-signature game, but having signed Farmer’s Insurance it’s already throwing punches. While not as robust as EchoSign or Docusign (another rival), RightSignature succeeds in doing what it does fairly well. The feature list is competitive – highlights include Google Docs and Freshbooks integration, templating and Blackberry/iPhone s... (more)

Cloud Computing Makes Business Easier

VM Associates is a New York City cloud computing consulting firm. We help companies transition into newer, better, smarter software. Contact us to talk about your business, the cloud, and how we might help. ... (more)

The top 5 software updates of the past year

One of the great aspects of Software as a Service (SaaS) is that the software is always improving. It has to improve: users pay a monthly subscription, meaning they can cancel the service whenever they choose. Hence why the top software companies stay ahead of the curve and frequently release exciting updates and features. This past year has been no exception, with many of the best SaaS vendors out there releasing some awesome new features. Below are some of our favorites! Basecamp – 37Signals rolled out a brand new Basecamp earlier this year and there are some impressive innova... (more)

We Should Sell “Cloud” Better

The public has their head in the clouds… Everyone in the IT industry knows how amazing cloud computing is – it can cut overheads, introduce flexibility and make previously unobtainable services affordable for even the smallest of businesses. But with 60 per cent of the American public claiming to have no clue at all about cloud services, it seems that the sector’s enthusiasm is yet to turn into mainstream awareness. It’s tempting to dismiss such findings out of hand – after all does it really matter if people don’t know how iTunes, Gmail and other products work as long as they ... (more)

The Solve360 Xero Integration: CRM, Accounting, and Why Integrating Cloud Software is The Way Forward

Business software is changing. The huge, on-premise, all-in-one systems of yesteryear are giving way to smaller, sexier, cloud-based systems (well, maybe not sexy). As the Solve360 and Xero integration shows, the best way forward for small business owners requires choosing the right systems—and making sure they integrate well. The old approach—go big or go home Business software has come a long, long way. Image courtesy of Siyelo. In the nineties, small businesses had two options: spend obscene amounts of money on all-in-one software systems (here’s looking at you Sage…) or spend... (more)