Thoughts on what businesses actually need from the Cloud, not what vendors wish they needed.

Chris Bliss

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Listen: I know this post is strange. As a consultant, it’s strange to broadcast to the world that “Hey, you probably don’t need us.” Counterproductive, right? And before I get a call from my higher-ups, I should quickly add a caveat: most businesses don’t need software consulting in its current form. Here’s what I mean. Type “software consultant” into Google and see what comes up. You’ll likely find pages of software resellers, all primed and keyword optimized to sell you crap software. Most of these consultants base their business model off licensing fees and retainers. They get the fees from selling their partner’s software (*AHEM* Microsoft and Salesforce *AHEM*), and they sign clients up on multi-year support contracts. Thing is, it’s true. Most small and medium-sized businesses don’t need software consulting anymore. Now, the reseller model worked fine 20 year... (more)

Guest Post: How to Choose the Right Cloud Services for Businesses

Today we’re happy to share a post from Deney Dentel, CEO for Nordisk Systems, Inc.  Nordisk Systems provides cloud computing infrastructure, available and accessible for businesses of all sizes and industries. Enjoy! ————— There are many reasons to make the switch to cloud services for you and your business. Not only does a cloud service provide a range of proven benefits for businesses, it is also incredibly important right now. With so many large clients offering cloud based services for their clients for the products, such as Amazon and Apple, understanding cloud computing ha... (more)

Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense For Small Businesses

submit_url = "http://www.vm-associates.com/2010/04/10/why-the-cloud-makes-sense-for-small-businesses/"; Last month I did a presentation for small business owners at the American Chamber of Commerce in Paris. For many businesses, “cloud computing” is just a marketing term that’s being pitched to them, hot buzz words thrown in their faces. I wanted to really outline what cloud computing is, and how it can make a real difference for their companies. The takeaways are simple: By partnering with a service provider to run your business software (and keep it running), you free up all the... (more)

The Future of Retail: Our Interview with Shopkeep’s Jonathan Bensamoun

  This week we’re sitting down with Jonathan Bensamoun, head of product and resident retail guru at Shopkeep. Shopkeep is “point of sale software” (POS), ie the software that drives the registers and inventory when you buy at retail stores. Unlike most POS systems, Shopkeep is cloud based, runs on iPads, and (gasp) is actually fun to use. Cool stuff. Read on for our full interview. ————— VM: Before we get started, what’s your pitch? What is Shopkeep, who is it for, and why is it awesome? JB: ShopKeep POS is a cloud-based iPad POS system for retailers designed to be the simple... (more)

We Should Sell “Cloud” Better

The public has their head in the clouds… Everyone in the IT industry knows how amazing cloud computing is – it can cut overheads, introduce flexibility and make previously unobtainable services affordable for even the smallest of businesses. But with 60 per cent of the American public claiming to have no clue at all about cloud services, it seems that the sector’s enthusiasm is yet to turn into mainstream awareness. It’s tempting to dismiss such findings out of hand – after all does it really matter if people don’t know how iTunes, Gmail and other products work as long as they ... (more)